Blog Post 1: Research Strategies

For my research topic, I plan to study something within the business field, probably related to business strategy or corporate governance. The strategy I chose to use for this particular source is a paper copy of a journal.

Lahovnik, Matej. “Corporate Strategies In The Post-Transition Economy.” The Journal of Applied Business Research, vol. 27, no. 1, 2011, pp. 61–68.

This source reports on several different advancements in business-related research, but the article cited above focuses specifically on how corporate strategies have changed now that we are in the post-transitional economy. I determined this source to be credible and scholarly because of the record The Journal of Applied Business Research has, and the credibility of the author of the article. I think that this source improves my knowledge on business/corporate strategy by giving me another authors perspective and access to research. This journal is filled with lots of information, includes excellent graphs and visuals, and has been around for many years. I believe that this source is a primary source.

From this literature search strategy, I learned how valuable paper copy journals can be. Not only did I gain a lot of information from this one journal, but it also led me to several other references, as well as topics that will help me with my research.

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