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Browne, Sarah. “Shaking Up Business Models with Creative Strategies: When Tried and True Stops Working.” Journal of Business Strategy, vol. 39, no. 4, 2018, pp. 19-27.

This article talks about ways in which a company can be successful in the competitive market that exists today. The authors go in depth with creative strategies and ways to “shake up” the market. While so many companies are all competing for greater market share, there are ways to successful come ahead. The author says that companies must adopt new approaches to business modeling in order to deliver novel and bold strategies that redefine the rules of the game.

The topic of this article is innovative business models. The research question is “How can a company successfully create a business model that leads to increased market share and success in an industry with lots of competitors? The type of data required to answer this question is organizational data; acts, behavior, or events; as well as expert knowledge. The author used mainly content analysis, public and private records, as well as ethnography to collect data. I think that these data collection methods are fitting for this research topic. Much of the article was discussing different examples of company’s business models and how successful or unsuccessful they are, so content analysis and public/private records are good methods for collecting this type of data. I found this to be a very good source for my research and allowed me to find several other sources as a result.

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