Blog Post #2

Wilkinson, Wayne W. and Stephen D. Berry. 2019. “Together they are Troy and Chase: Who Supports Demonetization of Gay Content on YouTube?” Psychology of Popular Media Culture. 

This article presents the issue of YouTube censoring people who are content creators for the LGBTQ+ community by taking away the ability to earn advertising revenue. Wayne and Stephen to find who supported this, and they conducted finding this data by collecting samples of people who watched certain YouTube channels, concluding their findings that it was people with more conservative ideologies, and that gay perceptions made public had negative effects on society. Their findings also concluded that these negative feelings towards the content creators reflected more on on self-negativity. I find this to be related to my research topic and question, regarding how the media reflects immigrants form of self-identity, because this is an example of how media can have a result on personal identity. While it is not related or has any correlation to immigration, it shows that the media can have effects on how you view yourself within self-identity.

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