Journal Ex #2

Ditto, R. M.The association of parenting styles and classroom environment on the development of self-worth and behavioral competence of third and fourth grade students Available from Social Science Premium Collection. (60429706; 200220328). Retrieved from

This article discusses the relationship between children’s perceived self worth, parenting styles and the nature of different classroom environments. I found it interesting what improved and what contributed to children’s low self worth – at a young age they are very sensitive to outside factors what contribute to their self image. In terms of classroom environments, more competitive classrooms and places where academic achievement was pushed, students self worth was overall lower.  It was also found that Authoritative and generally more harsh parenting styles had a negative impact on the child’s self worth. I thought this was a pretty clear result, since being more harsh on a child definitely seems like it would have a negative reaction rather than positive. This is similar to dog training, where positive reinforcements lead to much more reliable and friendly dogs than when a dog is negatively reinforced when being trained.

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