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Meng, Juan. “The Impact of Organizational Culture and Leadership Performance on PR Professionals’ Job Satisfaction: Testing the Joint Mediating Effects of Engagement and Trust.” Public Relations Review 45.1 (2019): 64–75. Print.

“Work engagement is a strong predictor of job satisfaction through its direct influence on trust. The study examines the impact of critical organizational factors (organizational culture and excellent leader performance) on public relations professionals’ overall job satisfaction by focusing on testing the joint mediating effects work engagement and trust could generate. A national online survey of 838 public relations professionals working in a variety of organizations was used as the empirical data to test the relationships in a proposed conceptual model. Results confirmed the strong impact organizational culture and leader performance could have on public relations professionals’ work engagement, trust, and job satisfaction. More importantly, results revealed the significant joint mediating effects of engagement and trust on professionals’ job satisfaction, when supportive organizational culture and excellent leader performance were achieved. The study concludes with research and practical implications”.

The article’s topic is about how organizational conditions affect a professionals’ work engagement and trust on professionals’ job satisfaction as a classic employee. The research question is “how does organizational conditions affect an employee’s job satisfaction and productivity?” The type of data that is required for this research topic is reports of acts, behaviors, and events; organizational data, and shallow opinions. They used reports of acts, behaviors, and events, as well as shallow opinions and attitudes. They conducted a national online survey of public relations professionals in the U.S. to test proposed relationships.

I think that this is a very valid piece of research. I think that the sample size was large enough, the data collection methods were correct and I found the topic to be very interesting. With that being said, and the author even touches on this point in their journal, the survey didn’t produce qualitative data, so the findings were rather limiting. In depth interviews would have overcome this limitation. I think that the findings of this research could be applied to any organization or situation, not solely to businesses. The study confirms the strong effects of organizational culture and leader performance on public relations professionals’ work engagement and trust, with an ultimate goal of increased job satisfaction. Being able to take the information from this survey and apply it to all aspects of life can be very valuable.

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