Research Example #5

Schneider, J., & Foot, R. (n.d.). Teaching Strategies to Support Vocational Education Students’ Reading Literacy. The Clearing House: A Journal of Educational Strategies, Issues and Ideas, 86(1), 32–36.

This study from Jennifer Schneider and Rachel Foot, both associated with Kent State University in the School of Teaching and Learning, they discuss the need for new teaching methods that address a wider variety of texts. This is a skill that is lacking in our students today thus causing them to struggle in the workplace. After looking at teaching methods they outline four practices that have been found to improve student’s summarizing, sequencing, predicting/ hypothesizing, retelling, extending information, finding information, comparing and contrasting, giving opinions, and evaluating. There finding was similar to the findings in the article “Let’s Not Forget the Career in College”, since both articles see the need for a change in the way our language arts are being taught. The article from, Schneider and Foot, however, is shorter and their methods are outlined in clear concise paragraphs clearly stated. The author’s findings may impact my research because they outline four key methods that can easily be implemented in primary and secondary schools.

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