Research Example #4

Kosloski, M., & Ritz, J. (n.d.). Research Needs: Career and Technical Education. Career and      Technical Education Research, 41(2), 117–140. Retrieved from         cter41.2.107

This study was written by two professors from Old Dominion University, Michael Kosloski Jr. and John Ritz, both of which are involved with the school’s STEM and professional studies department. They choose to discuss the need for more research into the field of CTE and what aspects of the program that should be a review for further adjustments. To do this the looked at the past research and the ideas that they studied. Then gathered some of the past researchers and authors of these works to partake in a panel. They used a Delphi study, where they had 4 and in each round, the panelist was asked to expand on the topics that have been and still need to be researched. From this, they gathered 11 topics based off of their set of criteria that are the most important aspect of CTE that has yet to be fully explored. Their findings are similar to the findings of Furbish and his collaborators’ article, both studies concluded that CTE is a very under-researched field. Yet, both articles agree that these programs need to be studied further especially in today’s modern era so that students can get the most out of their education. In order to account for bias, I must state that these are topics that have been found to be important based off of a set of criteria that the authors put together themselves and may not represent the entire fields views. However, this articles is well designed and easy to read; I would recommend it for anyone interested in furthering CTE research or who needs help finding a topic to choose. These authors share my same feelings that are paramount that educators of today’s students must continue to be “finding more information about what needs to be researched for improved delivery of career and technical education” (Kosloski, 2016. 1).  Careers change every year and if we don’t evolve our CTE programs we will fail to educate our students for the careers and life in the 21st t century.

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