Research Example #3

Brown, Steve and Alison Hutton. “Developments in the Real-Time Evaluation of Audience Behaviour at Planned Events.” International Journal of Event and Festival Management 4, no. 1 (2013): 43-55. doi:


This article focuses on the role that having psychological understanding of your audience has on the design and layout of a music festival. At the time this article was written, it examines current research being conducted in Sweden, Austria, and Australia looking for trends that may appear between them. This paper found strong evidence for the fact that real time data collection of audiences provides insights into the effective design and management, mainly risk management, of planned mass-gathering events. It makes arguments for an increase in research and analysis, in real time, of audience behavior in large events like music festivals in order to develop a better understanding of the effects that the event design has on the crowd as a whole. I think this is a great source for my project because of its scholarly status and direct relevance to my topic. It provides great detailed examples of the different design layouts of music festivals all over the globe and how it specifically affected the experience of the entire music festival for the audience. The results of the research conducted hits almost every point I make in my project, which gives me an incredible example of what my project may look like.

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