Research Example #4

Ballou, Brian, Norman H. Godwin, and Van Tilbury. “Riverfest: Managing Risk and Measuring Performance at Little Rock’s Annual Music and Arts Festival.” Issues in Accounting Education 15, no. 3 (08, 2000): 483-512.


This is a case that focuses on the operations of Arkansas’ largest annual arts and music festival, Riverfest. It is centered around Merle Flowers, a CPA whom executive director or Riverfest Van Tilbury has hired to conduct the assessment process. After providing a brief introduction and background of Riverfest, the case dives deep into the current operations of Riverfest, discussing all the main components that go into putting on an event of this size in great detail. This case was designed to give students an opportunity to assume the role of Merle Flowers, in this case, to try and identify business process risks, evaluate and consider possible improvments to the control of those risks, and develop a way to measure the elements of Riverfest’s operations that may possibly improve or help monitor the organization’s performance. I think that this is a great source to use for my paper because it gives me real world examples and questions that one may face when doing research in this subject. It even gives me potential solutions to the questions asked, which can help me have a better understanding of what exactly to be looking for when I discuss my research project. That way, when forming potential survey or interview questions, I will be able to word them in a way that may influence the best possible answer out of potential respondents.

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