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Glick, Peter, and Susan Fiske. “The Ambivalent Sexism Inventory: Differentiating Hostile and Benevolent Sexism.” Social and Personality Psychology Compass 9, no. 2 (2015). doi:10.1111/spc3.v9.2.

This journal article analyzes the nature of different types sexism in society. The authors, Peter Glick and Susan Fiske present a different point of view of sexism as we know. They differentiate hostile sexism such a catcalling from “benevolent” sexism, such as holding the door open for women but not for other men.  The harm in both of each type separate type of sexism is discussed, as this article goes into the potential consequences of such rigid gender roles. “Benevolent Sexism” may not be as straightforward or may have good intentions behind it, but this study found that even this kind of sexism can be harmful to women’s mental health and overall outlook. The subtle sexism that exists in many societies can still be detrimental to women’s success and confidence.  This study also found that men with negative attitudes and stereotypes towards women were usually less stable in their personal lives when it came to their careers and relationships. The author’s research is outlined and its very clear and concise so it is clear to the readers how they went about collecting their data. This article was interesting to me in particular because I would like to example gender differences and how individuals view their future in relation to their gender.

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