Proposal Example: Assessment of Capacity of Older Adults: A Growing Challenge for Physicians

Dated 2007, Rush University Medical Center proposed a proposal to the Retirement Research Foundation which intended to provide physicians resource to improve their assessment of capacity of older persons. The research aimed to train physicians through an on-line curriculum. The proposal explained that an online curriculum would allow to a quick and easy access. The on-line curriculum also aims to train medical students as well, though the proposal gave the impression that physicians are the main emphasized target. With a total cost of $382,149 for the project, the requested amount came to $302,240 and the proposed length of the project was determined to be 2 years long.

The proposal holds high significance because, at least for the time that the paper was proposed, no training research existed for physicians and medical students for access to in-depth knowledge of legal, medical, psychological, and social work regarding patient capacity. The project would encompass work expertise accumulated from 130 years of experience regarding people with disabilities. The first step in the procedure of the project is to accomplish an “Environmental scan” which, as stated in the name, would scan for existing resources on capacity assessment.

The online resource would include the draft curriculum, video clips, electronic handbook, and laminated reference card. After piloting the draft curriculum, telephone focus groups will be conducted to analyze the feedback given by physicians. The feedback would serve as useful information on aspects of the training that was valued and also possible problems with the training.

The proposal explained the two objectives of the project. The first goal was stated, “Develop training for physicians on the clinical and legal aspects of capacity to improve their ability to assess patient capacity.” The second goal was stated, “Inform the national health care community that capacity training exists and easily accessible. Encourage physicians to access curriculum.” The project not only aims to enhance the assessment ability of the physicians that would take part in the training, the project also aims to expand the awareness that such training exist and that it is available on-line. The encouragement to use this training would hopefully combat the increasing issue to assess patient capacity.