The future of Football

“The Future of Football.” By William Beaver

This article discussed the over view of football and were it has came from and were it has started. In the article it talked about the rise of youth sports and how back in the day they did not have youth sports for football 9th grade junior varsity was the youngest that they had organized football for. For instance in the 1960’s they had 3,000 teams playing pop warner youth football and today we have over 250,000 players playing youth football. This ties into the head injuries that the article also discussed. They touched upon the idea of men getting their bell rang and getting a concussion and how some men report their injuries but there are those few that do not and use the term shake it off. They discussed why some people do not report their injuries is because they do not want to loose the credability of being masculine or are trying to prove their worth or their toughness to the team. They interviewed people currently in the NFL about their head injuries and they also looked at former deceased players brains to figure out if the head injuries in football take a toll one their brains after playing. They came out with the conclussion of players having C.T.E which is a diseased that causes depression, memory loss, dementia, and lack of impulse control. They have found this disease in multiple retired boxers and in numerous football players. They talked about the future of football and how the only way its gonna keep striving is if young men keep playing the game and if parents let them play the game.

This article has really opened up my eyes to actually watching my own health while playing the game of football. I have been one of those player that has got my bell rung and not said anything about it due to the always be tough and do not show fear. I did not know there was an actual disease for this type of thing but now that i know i will be more cautious. I know the NFL and College have placed rules on not being able to use head to head contact and no hitting above the shoulders. I think that those rules are very vital  player health concerns now and no matter what if you take a hit to the head you should always tell because its only going to hurt you in the long run.