Sports and Images of Masculinity: The meaning of relationships in the life course of “Elite” male athelets

In this article by: Drummond, Murray J.N he talks about he male athlete and how they differ from female athletes. He talked about how he was running a stair race in the tallest building in Melbourne it was running up 74 flight of stairs and the winner got to move on to the next round and won $1,000 dollars. There were 149 other men in the race and there was also a separate women’s race, he talked about how he questioned is ability as a well as his sanity. He talk about the numbers of people that signed up for the race for the men they had to turn down over 100 people and for the females race they had 100 females not even show up for the race, he touched upon that subject about the difference in male and female mentalities and demeanor in sports. The article went into talking about masculinity in males and sports and how men choose and use sports to activate the term of masculinity. Masculinity is sports are a big thing when competing against other males and showing other males that they are better than the other. He also touched upon the topic of being beaten by a woman and interviewed a male athlete and he said that he was never beaten by a female and how it his goal to not just out work the men but also the women because he said if you loose to a women that it will question a mans masculinity. It also touched upon the topic of what women are still seen as by society and how they should still be doing women household chores like cleaning up the house and cooking and doing laundry, Another male in the article said he was a SNAG (Sensitive New Age Guy) and how when he looks at his girlfriend regardless of who she is that he will always be there for her but will never clean the toilet or even iron a shirt for as long as he lived.  I feel like that how society sees some women still as only being allowed to do household chores and that’s it. The article also talked about how Masculinity has also been determined by the sports and separation of male and female sports how male sports shape you to be masculine and tough and teach you how to be an adult and women sports do not do that. Overall the article was about the masculine term and the stereotypes that come from men sports and the separation and huge, and difference between men and women.

After reading this article made me actually think long and hard about what sports do to people and the stereotypes come out of them. For me I feel like yes certain sports do challenge males masculinity and toughness but also if you look at some women sports they do the same thing so I do not think it is right for anyone to separate women and mends sports. If you look at some women sports and things they do, you can say that some of them might be better at a man doing the same thing. So the separation aspect of sports and women is stupid and needs to stop, as well as labeling women as housewives and limiting them to only doing household chores because I know some men that are house dads and the women are out there doing the hard stuff. The term masculinity can go for both genders just depends on what context and what situation.