Tattoos, Piercings, and sexual activity

In the article “Tattoos, piercings, and sexual activities” by Nicolas Guéguen they talk about peoples with tattoos and piercings and how they are the cause of young males and females sexual activity. They found that males with tattoos and piercings are at a higher risk of engaging in sexual activity at an early age, they also said males with tattoos and piercings are more likely to be involved in drinking alcohol and engaging in illicit drugs as well as having a violent behavior. They compared the young males with tattoos to young males without tattoos and piercings and they found that males with no tattoos and piercings are less likely to engaged in sexual activity and drugs and illicit drugs. They compared girls with tattoos and piercings and to girls without piercings. They found out that 83% of women with piercings are more likely to engage in sexual activity compared to 63% of women without piercings will not engage in sexual activity. But they did find out that males and females with tattoos are respondents to having violent behavior and do drugs and partake in sexual activity at a young age.

This article was very interesting because I never looked at tattoos and piercings to be that big of a deal and how they can affect sexual activity. I also think this article only speaks for a certain population of people because I have piercings and tattoos and I don’t do drugs and I didn’t start being sexually active at an early age. I can also see how tattoos and piercings can come off to people as a rebellious act and that’s why people think that all people with tattoos and piercings do drugs and have sex and drink all the time. I think everyone should read this article I am sort of torn between on believing tattoos and piercings can have an effect on sexual activity and the other half of me thinks this is total nonsense. Please read this and tell me what you think and how it makes you feel.