“Out of Control” Refugee Crisis in Germany

With the escalation of the influx of refugees and asylum seekers to Germany, the German people are becoming fed up about the lax restrictions that the country has on boarder control. As the refugee crisis in Germany continues, people, according to a poll done by ARD Deutschlandtrend reports that 81% of Germans think that the refugee crisis is out of control under Merkel’s government. The poll also included members from Merkel’s Christian Social Union, in which 67% of this party voted that Merkel is not handling the situation well. As more and more refugees come to Germany, Germans are calling for stricter regulations on asylum seekers and refugees as they enter the country. 88% of Germans even said that if the refugees who fail or are not willing to assimilate to German culture should have curbed benefits.

While open boarders is something that the EU prides themselves on, with light of recent events, many Germans believe that there should now be stricter boarder control throughout the EU and Schengen areas. Germans are not only calling for stricter regulations in Germany, but also for the EU as a whole. 77% of respondents on this poll believe that the EU should set up refugee centers at all external EU boarders to process migrant applications to see who really is eligible for asylum.

At the beginning of the refugee crisis, Germany paved the way with their “welcoming policy”, pledging to accept all refugees who come their way. Now, with the reality of the refugee crisis setting in, German citizens are not as enthusiastic to accept incoming refugees or asylum seekers. Germany has already accepted about 1.1 million refugees in the last year, but the question remains if they will be able to keep this up while appeasing their citizens.


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