Art Therapy for Grief Trauma

This article discusses the role of art therapists at a grief camp for children after September 11, 2001. The language of imagery offers an alternative to words. Visual communication can serve as a tool to communicate complex feelings such as pain, anger, and fear. Healing occurs through the act of the creative process. This article examines experiences from three art therapists from New York University. The topics that this article covers include: art therapy, grief, terrorism, trauma, and faith healing. This article offers a case study of a program that incorporates art therapy.

This article examines children’s experience from  Camp Good Grief in Long Island. This camp is a weeklong camp for children ages four to fifteen years old who have experienced a death of a family member or relative. Art can be used as a process of destructive memories. The art therapists used art in a self directed way. Art can be used as a universal language of symbols. Art therapists should be mindful about how their experience shapes the patient’s process of art therapy.

I found this article interesting because art was used as a way to work through trauma. Loma Linda Children’s Hospital also has a grief camp. Some art therapy exercises are done at  this grief camp.

DiSunno, R., Linton, K., & Bowes, E. (2011). World trade center tragedy: Concomitant healing in traumatic grief through art therapy with children. Traumatology: An International Journal, 17(3), 47-52. doi: