Do Violent Video Games Lead to Criminal Behavior?

As I’ve been exploring the media surrounding research connecting violence to video games, I was interested to find a mainstream article from a well-known media source. I found this article on CBS news’ website from 2015, following the wake of the several different mass shootings in 2015. I found it very interesting the way that the article was structured. While the article did admit right away in the first couple paragraphs that there has been very little correlating research between video games and violence in the past couple decades, the short article went on to point out that the shooter involved in the Sandy Hook shooting was highly interested in violent video games. Of course, the fact that millions of other Americans are also interested in these same games was left out.

At this point in my research from reading various articles, it is very interesting that even though there is very little research backing up this claim, articles are quick to jump to the common scapegoat of blaming video games for violence.



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