Pathways to embodiment of HIV risk: Black men who have sex with transgender partners, Boston, Massachusetts

In the article “Pathways to embodiment of HIV risk: Black men who have sex with transgender partners, Boston, Massachusetts. By: Sari Reisner, Matthew Mimiaga, Sean E. Bland, Maura A. Driscoll, Kevin Cranston, and Kenneth H. Mayer. In this article they talk about the risk of contracting HIV and how black men that have sex with transgender partners. In previous studies done about this it was said that Men who have sex with transgender persons may be at elevated risk for HIV infection due to a host of individual, community and structural level factors. In a recent meta-analysis in 29 different studies of male and female transgender populations found rates of HIV between 12% and 28% with even higher rates observed in Black transgender women (31%-56%). In their study they took 197 black men in the months between January and July in 2008 who reported having sex with a man and who reported residing in Massachusetts were recruited by a modified respondent driven sampling (RDS) method, and completed a quantitative assessment with a trained interviewer and were offered voluntary HIV counseling and testing. In order for them to be apart of the study they had to be black, and identified as a male and were 18 years of age they also had to live in Massachusetts and have reported of having oral or anal intercourse with a man in the preceding 12 month. They were given compensation for participating in the study and could earn up to $100 depending on how many things they participated in. There were many results in this study: Overall 8% of men reported having a transgender sex partner in the past 12-month. In Socioeconomics found that a significant higher portion of men who reported sex with a transgender partner reported being recently unstably housed and having public health insurance. In Sex Identity it show no man reported having sex with a transgender partner in the past 12 months self identified as gay, they reported as bisexual. In Sexual Risk Behavior more than half (56%) of man with a transgender partner had unprotected sex in last encounter. In Substance Use during sex the MSM said transgender partners use more cocaine when having sex. In HIV Prevention Services said that men with transgender partners are less likely to report being exposed to an HIV.

Reading this article I didn’t know what to expect really I just thought it was going to talk about transgender people and how they act in society. I really didn’t expect it to really talk about how black people have more of a chance of receiving HIV than an white person. I sort of took affiance to this article by using race as another way of separating society. I wan you to read this article and tell me why you think they only used black people and am it fair that they put this connotation on them and how they are likely to contract HIV.

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