Combating childhood obesity in California

The research proposal i found online was one on childhood obesity that an undergraduate student did from Cal Poly. She was proposing that she wanted to do a pilot project that involved children in a kindergarten class wanted to teach them about eating healthy and growing healthy foods. Her project was called kindergrow which was a project were she would have a garden of healthy foods and she was going to work with a kindergarten class by teaching them and helping them learn how to grow and make better choices in the foods that they were eating. there was not an actual timeline that she gave but her funding she got was 40$ which would help her start the garden in which is a primary key in her project. When she is going over her project she brings in the numbers of obese children in California and looks and the foods they are consuming and this is her main reason why she is doing this project is to promote and instill a better diet and eating habits in the children’s lives at a early age rather than later.