Cooperative Learning / Course Leadership

 This course is works best with student participation.  Unlike television programs or other non-interactive learning situations, its success depends on student participation.  Though we will lead and structure the material, we encourage you to bring your own experiences, insights, and intelligence to bear on the course topic.  You are all teachers as well as learners.

Thus class attendance, attention in class, and completing the homework and reading before coming to class are required.   

  • Absence from class or coming to class unprepared not only deprives you of the opportunity to learn from others; it deprives others of the opportunity to learn from you.  Absence, non-participation, or other irresponsibility will thus seriously lower your course grade.
  • Specifically, any absences above 2 will drop your grade by 1/3 of a grade point (e.g.: “B” to “B-“).   This includes illnesses; if you get sick, please do so during school breaks, when we do not meet.

On the positive side, cooperative learning and active course leadership indicate two things:

    • that you know the course material;
    • that you know how to help others.

Your demonstrated ability to provide leadership constitutes 10% of your grade.